July 13, 2022

Helping You Afford Your Fertility Medication

When starting fertility treatment—whether that be to grow your family or ensure you have the opportunity to in the future—one of the most sincere pain points is whether or not you'll be able to afford it. Medications, in general, are typically quite expensive, and on top of that, adding the tag “specialty” to anything typically insinuates a premium price. At VFP Pharmacy Group, we want to make the transactional component of your fertility journey as painless as possible, so we work with each of our patients to ensure that affording their fertility medication isn’t a barrier to their overall success.

Whether you’ve got an exemplary insurance plan or aim to pay out of your own pocket, we’re here to help you make affording your fertility medication a painless process.

Self-pay options for fertility medication

Outside of a simple cash payment option, there are many programs available to you to help you finance your fertility medication if you’re without insurance coverage or insurance coverage that doesn’t have a great plan for fertility service costs. Below you’ll find a few examples we can help you with, but this is just the start.

Compassionate Care - EMD Serono

The EMD Serono Compassionate Care Program exists to provide discounted medication to eligible self-pay patients who are pursuing fertility treatment based on their unique financial situation and/or military status (also known as Compassionate Corps). Compassionate Care was designed to make fertility treatments more affordable if your medications aren’t covered by insurance. The program enrolled nearly 8,000 patients in 2020, saving them approximately $11.7 million.

Ferring Savings Plans

Ferring Savings Plans, like the Compassionate Care Program, exists to help self-pay fertility patients fund the services, care, and fertility medications they need along their personal journey. There are many different plan options in play, such as OneHeart, HeartFelt, HeartTomorrow, HeartBeat, and Heart for Heroes, that enable patients to choose the plan that best suits their needs.

Lending Club, Future Family, CAPEXMD, Ally Fertility

These flexible payment plans offered can help make your fertility medications more affordable. They offer several unique benefits such as low monthly payments and fixed rates that require no upfront payments and nothing left unknown; they are designed to be fully transparent financing options that can be quickly taken advantage of with a simple application. Learn more about any of them right here.

Fertility medication insurance benefits

For those of you who have insurance and need a hand in gaining a better understanding of what it offers you in the way of paying for fertility medication, we’re happy to help guide you along in that discovery as well. We have a team dedicated to helping uncover fertility medication insurance benefits, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions. We’re here to help you grow!

On top of helping you afford your fertility medication, VFP Pharmacy Group is here to help you every step of the way. We’re not just a pharmacy filling your prescriptions and handing them over the counter; we’re here to make sure you understand what you’re holding and how to best administer it. Our commitment to patient care is what sets us apart from any other pharmaceutical relationship you’ve ever experienced. We understand the journey you’re on and want to ensure we’re doing our part to be with you every step of the way.
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