July 28, 2022

Where and How to Get Your Fertility Medications Prescription

No matter the reason, starting fertility treatment can be a nerve-wracking process. At VFP Pharmacy Group, we work to give people all the tools you need to feel empowered throughout the entire process–whether you’re a patient with us or not.

In this blog, we’ll walk you through the process of filling and receiving your fertility prescriptions and ways to help afford your medications.

Where to Fill Your Fertility Medications

Once your doctor prescribes your medication, there are a few ways you can get it filled at the pharmacy of your choice (either in person, by fax, or from the clinic itself). Keep in mind that you will likely have to use a specialty pharmacy since others may not be able to store or even fill your specialty medications the way they need to be. A Fertility Specialty Pharmacy can also provide one-on-one care and instructions throughout the entire process.

At VFP, for example, we are pleased to offer free virtual fertility injections and medication lessons for patients. This allows real-time guidance to help you feel more confident as you start your cycle. If you’re working with us, ask your clinic to include a request for virtual lessons when they fill your prescription; or request one here.

From there, you can opt to pick up your fertility medications in person or have them delivered to you at the day and time that works best for your schedule.

When you need to refill your prescription, call your VFP Pharmacy location. When you no longer have any available refills, call us, and we’ll work with your fertility clinic to get another prescription for your medication.

Affording your Fertility Medications

Fertility medications are a major investment, and this cost can sometimes be a significant obstacle when it comes to receiving treatment. While some insurance programs will cover a portion of your cost, some will need to utilize self-pay options.

At VFP Pharmacy Group, we offer competitive pricing and can help you determine what payment method works best for you. Our patient care coordinators are here to help, whether by investigating your prescription coverage to ensure you maximize your benefits or connecting you with financing programs that reduce out-of-pocket costs.

Another great option is medication grants, resources such as those from Resolve New England, Resolve: The National Infertility Association, The Broken Brown Egg, and Fertility Within Reach. Our team of experts can help you research and apply for any of these grants to help you access treatment.

Getting Started with VFP Pharmacy Group

Our mission is simple: providing safe, quality medication with excellent service, complete education, and compassionate care in a cost-effective way to anyone undergoing fertility treatments. We’re available to answer questions you have any time of day and are committed to getting you your medication on time. Contact us today to learn more.