December 09, 2022

Is There a Fertility Specialty Pharmacy Near Me?

You’ve done your research and know everything you want out of the Fertility Specialty Pharmacy you’ll work with during your treatment. You know you want a partner who will educate and empower you as you go through your cycles, and have all the answers you need to questions that might arise along the way.

But how do you know if your ideal match is even nearby?

Finding the right Fertility Specialty Pharmacy is easier than you think. Take VFP Pharmacy Group, for example. With locations throughout the U.S. and in each time zone, we’re always able to meet you where you are.

One of the most invaluable benefits we provide our patients is that you don’t need to actually visit a VFP Pharmacy Group location in person to get your fertility medications. With delivery options available, you can order and refill your prescriptions without ever having to leave your home. Let’s talk about how that process works. 

Ordering Your Fertility Medications 

When working with a Fertility Specialty Pharmacy like VFP, ordering your fertility medications is simple. Once you receive your prescription from your doctor, you can fill it at the pharmacy of your choice in person, by fax, or with the help of your clinic. After that, you can pick up your medications in person or have them delivered on the day and time that works best for you.

If you choose to have your fertility medications delivered, be sure to factor in weekends and holidays when ordering your refills. While our locations are open on Saturdays, orders won’t be shipped on Sundays, which can cause delays. We often recommend reordering your medications and/or injections at least two days before you need them. Still, due to the sheer volume of shipments and deliveries, you should reorder even sooner than that. 

When you need to refill your prescription, you can call the VFP location you work with, and if you no longer have any available refills, we can work with your clinic to get another prescription for your medication.

Cost can be a huge barrier when it comes to fertility treatment, which is why we aim to make this aspect as easy as possible. Our team will walk you through your insurance plan to ensure you’re getting the most out of it and/or match you up with the right self-pay program to reduce costs. You can find more information on affording fertility medication in our recent blog post.

VFP Pharmacy Group is Your Fertility Specialty Pharmacy Partner

We’re not just a pharmacy that fills your prescriptions and hands them over. We believe in making fertility care simpler and are committed to helping you understand what medication you’re using and how to best administer it. We fully understand what your treatment entails and will do our part to be with you every step of the way. To learn more about working with VFP or to get started, contact us today.