September 07, 2022

Introducing VFP Pharmacy Group

For more than 30 years, patients and physicians have relied on our experience, knowledge, and expertise to get medications to people when they need them. Alongside this critical component, we provide the support, knowledgeable instruction, and compassion they need to feel empowered as they work through their treatment cycles.

VFP Pharmacy Group was created when four specialty pharmacies came together in 2019: Village Fertility Pharmacy in Boston, MA and Chicago, IL, and Integrity Rx Specialty Pharmacy in Phoenix, AZ and Los Angeles, CA. These four entities were brought together as one because their collective staff shared a common goal: serving patients with care and precision. With established locations across the US in each time zone, this merger allowed us to truly meet patients where they are.

What Sets VFP Pharmacy Group Apart

General pharmacies play a vital role in our communities, but aren’t always able to handle the one-on-one care fertility patients need. Additionally, they might not have the right equipment to properly store or handle these complex, delicate medications. That’s where we come in, focusing exclusively on these specific treatments and working in tandem with you and your doctor or specialist to best position successful outcomes.

We understand starting fertility treatments can seem like an overwhelming process, whether you’re trying to build your family or preserve your options for the future while undergoing chemotherapy.

Working with a fertility pharmacy provides:

  • Accessibility and connection—allowing you to choose the day that works best for you to either pick up or have your prescriptions delivered. And if your prescription runs out, we can work with your clinic to help you get a refill quickly and efficiently.
  • Financial support—whether that be helping you navigate your insurance policy or walking you through the best financing program to help reduce your costs.
  • A team of well-trained fertility experts—who can answer your questions (even after hours). 

To help make getting started with your fertility care easier, we offer live virtual injection and medication lessons for free. During the video call, you’ll work one-on-one with a nurse to feel confident and comfortable starting treatment.

Get Started

When you need help with a prescription or want to speak with a pharmacist, we’re here to help. Contact us today to get started and experience our reliable, compassionate care for yourself.